Here are some of the screenplays that I have written; some are shorts screenplays others are feature length. I provide a short description and some information about each but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Heavenly Mid-Term – As a man struggles to forgive sins from his past, an angel from Heaven shows up to administer his Heavenly Mid-Term report helping him to see how God night view his life.



The Eyes of Abigail – When a traveling street preacher comes to a small town finds a young woman caught up in a ring of prostitution, he works with a local church to help free her from the man who is holding her and onto a path of salvation.



The Tall Grass- A man takes issue with his neighbor when he feels like the man is making the neighborhood look bad by not mowing his yard and allowing his dog to poop wherever he wants. Winner of the 168film Write of Passage Screenplay contest.


Will God Forgive – As an elderly man stands by and watches his wife die of cancer, he recalls and struggles with a pact they had made much earlier in life – that they wouldn’t let the other suffer a long illness.



The Devil and Mr. Dodd (The Battle Just Got Real)- After putting himself in a compromising situation, Mr. Dodd faces temptation from the Devil himself.



Endangered Proposal – It is finally the night, Herman is finally going to propose to ?? but it seems that everything that could go wrong does go wrong.



Sufficient Is The Day – A woman has to find strength through her faith when her husband disappears and because of things in their past, it is not clear if he left on his own or was abducted.



The Marriage Group- In a last ditch effort to save his marriage, a man signs himself and his Atheist wife up to join a four week marriage building group at a local church.



Homework – A short story about making sure your kids have done their homework. Watch it here.




God’s Handiwork – An elderly man, grieving the loss of his wife, finds that he still has a purpose in this life after a robbery attempt threaten the lives of him and the annoying little neighbor girl.