“Faith Based” Is Not A Movie Genre

“Faith Based” Is Not A Movie Genre

If you’ve read any books on writing, especially screenwriting, you’ve likely read that you should pick a genre and focus on it. Get to know it like you know the back of you  – which I suppose means that you get to know it well enough that it doesn’t care if you use it to wipe sweat, snot or food off your face.

(insert awkward silence here)

The reason behind picking a genre and sticking to it has to do with becoming a specialist. Each genre, generally including comedy, thriller, horror, drama, etc…, has their own set of rules that you need to know and follow. It is those rules that make it the specific genre that it is.

But “Faith Based” is not a genre.  That term represents the audience for which we are writing, (Read about how I don’t like the term Faith Based) not the genre that we are writing. If we are writing a Faith-Based (FB (not Facebook)) story, we are writing a story for the folks that go to church on Sunday mornings or maybe Saturday evenings, go to Small Groups during the week, pray and do other FB type activities. A genre is not a group of people, it is a style of story based on words.

So what am I saying?

Well, I’m saying that I (and you if you write for FB audiences) still have to pick a genre that I am going to tell my story in.  Am I going to write a Romantic-Comedy for the FB audience? Or maybe a thriller or comedy (comedy is tough to write) or just a straight up good, ol’ drama. As writers for the FB audience we still need to know our genre and know it well.

What genre do you write?

So what makes it a Faith-based story?

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