Dunkirk: Movie Review


Dunkirk Movie Review

I Saw the movie ‘Dunkirk’; it was not a fun/enjoyable movie.

It was a well made movie: sound was incredible, the camera work and/or CGI work was great. Technically from a production value perspective, it was superb.
From a story telling perspective, um, not so much. It started pretty slow, picked up a little and then ended.

There was, in my opinion, too much AAAAHHHHHHH and not enough ahhhh; meaning we need a break from the stress every now and then. I realize that the people that actually go through this stuff don’t get a break from the stress but I’m eating popcorn in a movie theater, I need a break from the stress. About halfway through I was thinking about what I could watch when I got home that might make me laugh or smile or at least not want to run for cover.

We also need a clear hero to root for. We were kind of left to root for everyone, which is nice but not great for storytelling.

Certainly not a bad movie, just could use a joke or two thrown in there somewhere.
But, I think I did feel a little motion sick at the end though, so that is a good thing.

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