Greg Gearlds       I love a good story, especially when it is told with moving pictures.

I have been writing screenplays for about 20 years on and off. I have written numerous shorts screenplays and three feature length screenplays. In 2014 I won the Write of Passage Screenplay competition.

I have produced two of my short screenplays into short films. Although a lot of people worked really hard on them and did a great job, the budget for each was about $3.50 and it shows. Production value is not good. BUT, the primary reason I made the films was to experience transitioning my screenplays from paper to screen and it was a great learning experience. I am convinced that one of the best ways to improve as a screenwriter is to produce one of your scripts. You can learn so much about dialog, pacing, descriptions….well, screenwriting.

I am the biggest critic I know when it comes to movies and screenplays (especially mine) but always try to find something good to say as well.  You will probably notice this if you read any of the movie reviews I post on here.

I still love seeing movies in the theater and eating movie theater popcorn.  (mmmm, popcorn)

Aside from screenplays I also write short stories, skits or short plays for church and have self-published one non-fiction book.

I think it would be cool to convert an old church into a house….okay, actually I think it would be cool to live in an old church that has been converted to a house. We bought an old farmhouse that required a lot of work to get it livable and, well, let’s just say I am a-okay if I never do that again.

I live with my family on a small farm in Greenfield, Indiana. We homeschool our kids, I make a living doing corporate IT work and we are members of New Palestine Bible Church. I also do some photographer, my wife id currently enjoying a clogging class and the kids play soccer and do other teen and pre-teen activities – like helping when it is time to butcher chickens.

Ohh…and this is my blog so although I will primarily be writing about screenwriting and movies and that sort of thing, I do reserve the right to occasionally plop something out there that is totally unrelated to anything.

Ohhh, again…If you comment on stuff, keep it clean and polite. (yes, there is an understood “or else” in there)